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Organization of holidays

Event is an industry characterized by high multitasking, so those who prefer to focus all their attention on one object are not expected here. As it turned out, only 10% of people have the "Caesar" ability to do several things at the same time; unfortunately, the rest just do not fit into the crazy rhythm of this market.
If you do not like routine, prefer an active lifestyle and are ready to cope with high loads-welcome to the event! Perhaps this article will awaken your creativity and give impetus to the development in the field of event.

Attention to detail

Little things, as you know, make up the whole image, and one small detail can destroy the image of the whole event. The obvious proof of this immutable truth is an interesting case. Once during the organization of an event in the showroom novice eventor forgot to warn models participating in the event of the color of shoes that had to take with you. For each was selected and compiled a separate beautiful evening image with a cocktail dress, chic styling and thoroughly thought-out beauty image, but due to a minor flaw in the work of the novice organizer, the images of the models remained unfinished. Twenty girls were full of shoes of different colors, and if the atmosphere of the event as a whole was not spoiled by this trouble, the residue in the soul of stylists and organizers, of course, remained.
Needless to say, in the process of preparing the event you need not only to dive headfirst, but also carefully consider every detail in its organization. It is necessary to consider and prevent all possible options that can interfere with the organization of the event. For the organizer of the event should be important to the opinion of each participant, whether the staff or the most honored guests. The contribution of each person to the event should be appreciated and noticed in order to, firstly, to confirm their professionalism and, secondly, to work on their personal brand, image and reputation, which are so important in the field of event business.


If you want to do well, do it yourself

The main problem of all novice organizers is the lack of an extensive database of approved contractors and an experienced, competent team, so the control of the organization process should be tightened even more and carried out literally 24 hours a day. What do you need to be prepared for if you are going to become a professional event?
First, wean yourself from sleep. On the eve of the launch of the project, the eventor can rarely afford to luxuriate in bed, instead there are cases when the poor fellow is forced to break into the printing house at night to make sure the color of the banner print, for example. When choosing a cover band with which to sign a contract for the event, the responsible newcomer organizer will come to the band's performance in advance to determine whether it is suitable for cooperation. In the absence of an established database for catering, the organizers need to conduct a test food to check the quality of the dishes provided.
All this is necessary in order to further avoid misunderstandings and disagreements with the client, but the difficulties pale in front of what you create a name for yourself as a result of hard work, how they dream of working with you and with what a lot of interesting, odious, ambiguous, but certainly exciting people you meet.


Stress resistance

Something tells me that the aphorism that you need to learn by heart in order to avoid unnecessary hassle – not only sports. Mistakes and failures are the best teachers in life, provided you learn the lessons well. The main thing-to gather in time, to admit defeat and to try to correct its consequences. A warm heart and a cold mind will always prompt the right way out of any situation.



Time is the most important resource in the event. Eventor should make it a rule to come to the project before the rest of the team, which indicates the high professionalism of the employee. It is necessary for the organizer to be late for the event only once – and his reputation will be spoiled, trust in him will be lost, and the team and participants will allow themselves a negligent attitude to the project.



Time before the event flies like a second, so it is necessary that the site, guest stars and presenters were fully prepared and instructed on the day of the event, and all the details of the project have already been settled and agreed. In order to be calm at least for the technical side of the event, it is necessary to conduct a General inspection at least two hours before it starts. Event-Manager must be sociable, active, constantly monitor the situation, instantly resolve issues and respond quickly to unforeseen difficulties. I want to break into several parts? Accelerate!